Baltimore/Carnival Pride trip 11/12/11-11/20/11

I’m aiming for a very thorough review (I have Fun Times, tons of photos and various sundry from each day), but I thought I’d start with a quick bullet-point list of pluses and not-so-pluses and general observations for those who like quick to the point reviews.

Quick facts: We booked in March, this was our first 7 day, first balcony, first non-Fantasy class vessel, and first time out of Baltimore. My husband and I are in our 30s. The ports were Port Canaveral, Nassau, and Freeport. We did YTD for the first time.

Overall, we had a great cruise. The Pride is a fantastic ship, and a HUGE step up from the Fantasy class. If my husband has his way, we’ll never sail a Fantasy ship again.

Anyway, onto those points.

– The waitstaff was hit or miss.

– There were a lot of first timers.

– Not a fan of the new menu. (I’ll go into detail.)

– Serenity Deck is splendid.

– David’s is a wonderful experience, and definitely worth the cover charge.

– Some still haven’t grasped that the chairs on the balconies CAN be picked up and don’t need to be dragged into a new position.

– Room steward was great!

– The smoking in the casino is annoying (As an explanation, to get from one end of the ship to another, you must walk through the casino. They have the smoking slot machines right in the walkway, thus not leaving an area for us to walk through. Nothing against smokers, to each his own, I just don’t want to walk through it.)

– Most of the customer service people were great, Scott ran into the worst one.

– Lunch buffet was disappointing. Pizza was usually the best option.

– He wanted me to include that the statue of David is very naked and anatomically correct.

Well, there’s the quick and dirty review. Detailed review coming soon!


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