11/12/11 – Travel to Baltimore

We got up around noon (after having gotten home from work at 6am), did our grooming and packed a few last minute things. After feeding the cats, the car, our wallets and ourselves, we finally got on the road. We live in central NC, so the trip up took about 6.5 hours.

We were able to get a park & cruise package at the Brookshire Suites in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. For about $140 we got parking for all 8 days (normally $29.99/night there), an Executive Level suite, a free hot buffet-style breakfast, and a town car to the port and back. In order to gt the free wi-fi, you need to either be in the lobby or in the lounge on the top floor. There is, however, wired access in the room. The rooms themselves are very spacious and feature bay windows. The Brookshire Suites is an old building. The ceilings are very low (I’m 5’5" and my elbows hit when above my head), but the bed was abnormally high. I practically needed a stepladder to get in! It was, however, EXTREMELY comfortable once we hopped up!

The building has been updated in spots. The bathrooms are nice, but the layout is strange (unless you enjoy the door hitting you in the knee.)

Bonus telephone, too!

The carpet needs replacing, there were light switches that did nothing, and the electricity in general could use some updating. The staff completely made up for the oddities. We were accidentally charged for a day of parking, and they were more than apologetic and corrected the issue right away.

Inner Harbor view

In all, I would recommend the hotel for a night, especially if you can get the package. Any longer of a stay and I’d have to look elsewhere.


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