Monthly Archives: January 2011


I haven’t updated since AUGUST! I guess I’ve got a semi-massive post in me somewhere. Bear with me while I dredge it up.

Ok, here goes!

001. Pay off credit card.
On September 12th, I FINALLY paid off my credit card!! It was such an accomplishment for us! The only thing we use credit cards for is reserving rental cars and hotel rooms, but then we pay for them with our debit card. We’d been paying down on both of our cards for awhile now, and mine finally got low enough where we could bite the bullet and pay it all off. Hopefully, within the next few months we’ll be able to pay of S’s, too.

008. Buy a winter coat.
So we live in North Carolina. It doesn’t snow much here, but it does get very cold. Two weeks ago it got down to about 14 degrees. We also travel to upstate New York to visit family at least once a year. I decided to invest in a winter jacket so I wouldn’t freeze my bum off when it got cold, and on the odd occasion that it does snow. It’s not very fancy, in fact my mother described it as “a Michelin Man” coat, but it keeps me warm. When I wear it, it’s because I want to be warm, not because I want to be stylish. It has a cool pocket to keep my phone handy, too, which is the best feature, in my opinion.

027. Crochet a blanket.
My cousin L is having another little boy, she’s due in May. In my effort to be more creative and give of myself more than from the wallet, I’ve been working on a baby blanket. It is, admittedly, not going to be spectacular, as I haven’t really made more than scarves in.. well, ever. I’m working a double stitch in a soft baby-blue Bernat’s in fingering-weight. I’ve gotten about 4 rows done so far, and I’m planning on just going until I feel it’s big enough.

044. Participate in the Red Scarf Project.
On a related note, I’ve begun my scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I’m going to have to re-start it, but I wanted to re-learn how to knit. I wasn’t having much luck with it, so while I was home for Christmas, I asked my aunt to help. She gave me some pointers and taught me how to purl, and with some more supplies (ie, bigger needles and perhaps some stitch counters), I should be good to go.

060. Scan wedding pictures.
Also while we were home for Christmas, Mom produced our wedding album. I’m not able to remove the photos from the album without ruining it, so I’m going to have to scan them IN the album and then do some cropping. I’ve previously put the candids from our wedding on my Facebook page, so as soon as I get a block of free time with the scanner, I’ll be adding the official photos.

040. Donate 50k grains of rice on
I’ve gotten my total up to 12,850. A few months ago, they switched to a new system which allows you to sign in and keep track of your total, instead of relying on cookies that expire after 30 days to do so. In fact, they’re planning a mobile app to debut soon, which will really help me amp up my number. It’ll be nice to be able to help feed people while building my vocabulary (etc) instead of playing Cut the Rope or some other
inane game when I’ve got a few minutes to myself. If you haven’t played on recently, you
should. You can connect the login to your Facebook or Twitter, so no excuses.

076. Get a coloring book for myself and color every page!
A few months ago, I found myself a Hello Kitty coloring book and some coloured pencils and markers and have started colouring. It’s very relaxing, and believe it or not, it helps me focus. If I’m having concentration issues at work, I find that if I colour a small portion, I can then go back to billing and have no problems staying on task.

I’m also proud to say that in 2010, I read 111 books, which brings my project total up to 125 [Task 034]. I plan on updating more often with.. well, updates, even if tasks aren’t finished. I should be reporting their progress, dangit! Happy New Year!