Monthly Archives: June 2010

Changing the list & an update.

I’ve decided to change #028. (Read 40 Classics). It’s not too big of a change. I’m just changing the 40 classics. Some of the ones on that list were hard to come by, so I’ve chosen to read the top 40 from this list instead. They’re more readily available at my library. If I’ve already read them, my goal is to read them again, unless they’re on my 2010 booklist, which off the top of my head I don’t believe any of them are. I’ve also decided that these will count toward goal 034.Read 200 books.

005. Increase giving to Marcus’ ministry
S’s brother is a leader with Young Life. Young Life is an organization that comes to high school students where they are and gets to know them and for those seeking help, who need it, they give them an opportunity to know the Gospel. It reaches out to those who may have fallen through the cracks and gets them engaged and, in a fun way, lead them to Christ. There are weekly groups, and summer camps, and lots of fun things for them to do. By moving our donation to debit later in the month, we were able to increase our monthly gift. It’s still not as much as we would like, but it’s an improvement. Once some of our other expenses are eliminated, we’ll hopefully be able to contribute more.