Under the Dome

034. Read 200 books

Book 006 was Stephen King’s Under The DomeUnder the Dome. It was very, very long. I had gotten my hands on the audio book so I could listen at work. The whole thing was 34 hours long! I’d forgotten my mantra when reading his books – don’t get attached to any character!! The fictional city of Chester’s Mill, ME had a population of over 2000 people on “dome day”. By the time the ordeal was over, they were down to 16. Yes, you read right. SIXTEEN PEOPLE survived.

He does seem to have some stereotypical character “formats” that run through a bunch of books. I did notice some similarities between characters in this book and It. I could see a lot of Henry Bowers in Rennie, and a lot of “Stuttering Bill” Denbrough in Barbie.

I have to say, though, it really irritated me that all of the “bad” characters were Christians and Republicans, and stereotypical ones at that. Rennie was depicted as practically worshiping a poster of Sarah Palin on his wall. I did find this post that explains it much better than I ever could. This review on Amazon is very well written, as well.

The resolution was disappointing. Clearly, an alien device was at work in creating the Dome, however, it was never clearly explained just WHAT it was. A child’s toy. A universe within a universe.  Almost like a mirror within a mirror.  Children playing with a doll house. All it takes for them to stop is “Please?” Seriously?  Also, there’s no satisfaction in “defeating” the bad guy.  Also, the man who was reading the audio book gave them all Southern accents instead of New England ones. Go figure.

Be forewarned.. there are GRAPHIC depictions of gang rape and murder, as well as rampant drug use (Because, of course, all of us Christian Republicans use drugs, rape, beat, and kill people!).


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