Daily Archives: December 5, 2009

Day 35

092. Get external hard drive.

Scott and I had been discussing getting an external hard drive for about six months, now. He agreed it would be a good investment for us, and then I went about researching what we’d want. We decided (well, I decided) that a 1TB would be best, that way we wouldn’t need to get a new one once that was full. Our hard drive on the laptop is 320GB and that’s almost full, so we’d need at least double that, and I figured I’d wait until I could get a good deal on a 1TB.

There were some on newegg.com that were fairly inexpensive (about $120) that would suit our needs fine. I’d been holding off to the new year. Then, when we were in Syracuse visiting family for Thanksgiving, I went to Target with my mom because they had the iPod Nano that Alex wanted on sale and in stock. They also had the first 3 seasons of Supernatural on sale and in stock, but that’s another story! On a whim, I took my mom over to the peripherals section of electronics. They had a ton of the smaller HDDs but only 1 (ONE!!) 1TB, on sale for $109.99. I snatched that puppy up quick.

We ended up with a HP Simple Save. It works really well. It comes with backup software pre-loaded. I deleted it all to have more space, though, so I can’t tell you how it works. All I need to do is drag and drop what I want to the drive. I’ve moved all of our audio/ebooks onto it and made a shortcut so that we can still access them from the desktop like we used to. So far, all is well and I plan to move our music library over and figure out how to get the Zune software to recognize it all. I’ve also read you can install the Zune software directly to the HDD and run it from there, so I might look into that instead.