Daily Archives: November 9, 2009

Finally finished!

I finally finished task 099, which was to finish making my list. It only took me three weeks (lol!). I decided to be a part of this project in mid-October, aiming to start November 1st, and one week later I’ve finalized my 101 goals. I actually had 102 and had to eliminate one. The one I eliminated counted too heavily on the actions of someone else and I don’t know that person well enough to say they’d commit to helping me complete it.

So.. here we go!

Geek Code

I have compiled my Geek Code

GH/S/ED d– s:++ a C++ |U P L- |E W++ N* |o K- w+ O– M– V– PS– PE+++ Y+ PGP+++ t+ 5 X R tv b+++
DI+++ D G e+ h– r+++ x+++