Monthly Archives: November 2009

Update: Day 14

I’ve completed task 095, which was to get up to level 30 in Fish World on Facebook. That’s when you can buy the really cool fish to make your life easier. The shark eats your adult fish, saving you the 15% fee for using the “Sell All” button, and the algea eater cleans your tank for you.

Yesterday I watched 2 movies to add to task 035. 21 was just “okay”, nothing spectacular. The male lead was kind of weak. In all, I give it 3 out of 5. I also watched Interview With the Vampire. Oddly enough, I got bored after Claudia died. Bleh.


Finally finished!

I finally finished task 099, which was to finish making my list. It only took me three weeks (lol!). I decided to be a part of this project in mid-October, aiming to start November 1st, and one week later I’ve finalized my 101 goals. I actually had 102 and had to eliminate one. The one I eliminated counted too heavily on the actions of someone else and I don’t know that person well enough to say they’d commit to helping me complete it.

So.. here we go!

Geek Code

I have compiled my Geek Code

GH/S/ED d– s:++ a C++ |U P L- |E W++ N* |o K- w+ O– M– V– PS– PE+++ Y+ PGP+++ t+ 5 X R tv b+++
DI+++ D G e+ h– r+++ x+++

Day 1.

Well, it was Day 1.

017. I’ve got a few underway, most notably the one about Invisalign. I’m not sure if this is a goal we’ll be able to accomplish,simply because our insurance doesn’t cover adult orthodontia at all, and we’ve got some debt to work down. I have, however, taken the first step in getting my troublesome tooth removed. The oral surgeon and the dentist agree that with the baby tooth gone, the tooth behind it may move more into place simply by the pressure of my tongue. Either way, there’d be no charge for a consult with an orthodontist and then we’d have a better picture of what we’d be looking at down the road.

040. I’m also knocking down the goal of 50k fairly quickly. I may need to increase that goal. I’ve also gotten my friend Jenn to play around on it and she got up to 2k in about 10 minutes.

025. My first PostCrossing went to a 10 year old boy in France. His profile seemed really cute, he likes animals and scenery.

035. Scott and I watched Slumdog Millionaire this evening, and surprisingly we both liked it.